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Pinnock confirms many students didn't complete seafarer training

Published:Saturday | January 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

FRITZ PINNOCK, executive director of the Caribbean Maritime Institute, is confirming the findings of an audit conducted by the Auditor General's Department that a large number of students at CMI did not complete seafarer training over the period August 2007 to December 2011.

Seafarer training is a prerequisite in the field, and based on the auditor general's report, only 247 of the 438 enrolled cadets during the period completed seafarer training.

"Well, we had started a new programme in 2007, which we had changed, because at that time I must report that we used to just produce what we call first-age officer (junior officer) but now we are focusing on producing people at the higher level," Pinnock said.

He explained that persons from the programme started to gain financially at the operational level and would not return to complete the management level of the course, which would prevent them from being properly certified.

"So we have now changed the programme to a full four-year degree programme. At points through the four years, you can go out on your sea time, so when you've finished the four years, the beauty about this now, you no longer have to come back (to us) for the upper level, you would have qualified yourself for all of the academic requirements," Pinnock said.

He added, "It is now your experience and passing the external exam that will now move you through the ranks, to become a captain or chief in Jamaica. So it's a much better programme. It's part of the improvement".