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Research council to make fish feed locally

Published:Friday | January 29, 2016 | 11:02 PM

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is set to play its part in the reduction of Jamaica's high import bill, by producing ornamental fish feed for local demand.

The SRC has designed two patented systems to produce the fish feed locally, which is currently being imported.

"Farmers will be able to either purchase the feed or grow their own fish feed, utilising one of the systems from the SRC, which will see the input cost for ornamental fish rearing reduced," said executive director of the council, Dr Cliff Riley.

Manager, Process Development at the SRC, Julia Brown, said that the systems created by the SRC, known as the 'air water lift and impoundment systems', involve the production of artemia eggs in tanks, using sea water. This then creates the conditions conducive to the production of the eggs in a backyard setting.

"Through these [processes] the Council has developed the two patented technologies that our local farmers and fisher folk can [use] to produce their own artemia eggs," Dr Riley said.

He pointed out that the SRC will also provide training in the use of the patented systems.

"We (the SRC) intend to also start the production of artemia eggs for introduction in the market by the middle of March. The cost will be far lower than what persons pay for the imported artemia eggs," he noted.

The local ornamental fishing industry now imports most of its fish feed from the Unites States of America.