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'Linstead needs order'

Published:Saturday | January 30, 2016 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Vendors, motor vehicles and pedestrians compete for space in the street, in Linstead.
Piles of garbage outside the Linstead Market in St Catherine.

At least two business owners in Linstead, St Catherine, have indicated that the town needs to be cleaned urgently if it expects to attract development and investment.

Speaking at a Gleaner forum on development, held at the Shakinah Restaurant in Linstead on Wednesday, owner of a service station in the community Derrick Thompson said that there needed to be a renewed emphasis on public order in all forms.


"We certainly have one of the best market spaces in Jamaica. The design of the market is also one of the best I have seen. You have two floors upstairs for dry goods and downstairs for food and other items - however, the market is virtually empty," he lamented.

"People are selling on the streets, and everywhere is just clogged. There is a nicely designed bathroom on Fletcher's Avenue (an area in Linstead), however, in the middle of the day, people come and they urinate on the side of the gas station or whichever corner they can find. They use the bank when it is closed or any little store they see and urinate there. This has caused a huge problem when it comes to sanitary conditions," the business owner said.

"There has to be a sense of public order inculcated in our people."

Manager at Sinclair's Bargain Centre in the area Winston Hamilton shared similar views, saying that he encountered similar problems.

"The funny thing is that I have a bathroom, but it's for customers. However, you find that the wider public uses it, and the problem is not to pay the bills, really, but the replacement of equipment. I have to replace the face basin, I have to replace the urinal installment, and it can be really difficult. The bottom line, however, is order is needed," he said.