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Vox Pop: Should pastors publicly endorse political parties?

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Chad Johnson
George Gordon
Sherry-Ann Earle
Percival Campbell
Keffian Brown
Andre Francis
Kasey Williams
Sanjay Banks

Andre Francis, student,

Fairview, St Catherine

"I really don't think it is a good idea for church leaders to get involved in politics at that level. I am not saying that they can't have personal views, but because of their position of influence, they should not impose their views."

Keffian Brown,

self-employed, Portmore,

St Catherine

"Hell, no! A pastor should stand up for God and his flock. He has no business going on a political platform endorsing any candidate. Let me see if he will do the same thing for the other."

Percival Campbell,


St Catherine

"In my view, pastors can make their own decision as to who they want to support, but I don't think they should impose their personal choices on the public. Bear in mind that he has a public responsibility to his followers."

Chad Johnson

"No, pastors should not publicly announce/denounce political preferences nor make endorsements. Notwithstanding, individuals have a right to exercise their political voice privately."

Sherry-Ann Earle

"No, I don't think they should publicly endorse political parties. Being a child of God, you have to be in the world but not of the world. I do believe, however, that they have a right to exercise their franchise. I am against them publicly announcing their allegiance at mass rallies and being involved in campaigns."

Kasey Williams

"Pastors should not publicly endorse any political candidate or party, as they are representing the people. As a pastor, you are a leader of the Christian faith, and, therefore, Church and State must be separated."


Sanjay Banks

"Pastors, though having the right to vote, should not publicly endorse any political party, as doing so puts the church and other denominations in a bad light. The pastor should be receptive to everyone and, therefore, he should remain neutral in the eyes of the public."

Pastor George Gordon, Chapelton Seventh-day Adventist Church

"I don't think a pastor should publicly endorse political candidates. A pastor is a representative of God, and there is a general understanding that the Church and State shouldn't mix. Due to the culture of the politics, it is safer not to be involved. Even if you are, your preference should be kept low-key."