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$300 million more for EOJ

Published:Friday | February 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Director of Elections Orette Fisher has disclosed that he is expecting another allocation of $300 million over the weekend to complete preparations for the February 25 general election.

Fisher told journalists yesterday that this was in addition to the $392 million the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) received late last year.

This means the EOJ has been allocated just under $700 million to ensure that the 2016 electoral contest is administered smoothly.

"At this point, we have spent well in excess of $300 million," said Fisher. "We will be seeking to have another tranche about now which is usually due between announcement and nomination."

Added Fisher: "We have been in dialogue with the Ministry of Finance and we are anticipating between now (yesterday) and Monday, to be asking for another $300 million."

He disclosed that all 63 nomination centres have been selected. As is customary, nominations will take place between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Fisher revealed that the EOJ requires approximately 20,000 workers, including reserves, to man the 7,039 polling stations.

"The office has recruited in excess of the required number, and so attention is addressed by drawing from the extra pool," he said.




Training of election-day workers, he said, is continuing.

"All workers will be given a training session between now and the election, with those working on the electronic voter identification systems being afforded two additional sessions using the machines," said Fisher.

He disclosed that training is not limited to the election-day workers, which include presiding officers, poll clerks and supervisors but also include:

- Returning officers and assistant returning officers;

- Electronic voter identification system technicians;

- Polling station security assistants (one-day police);

- Indoor agents; and

- Data-entry clerks.