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82-year-old reflects the 'Rising Sun'

Published:Wednesday | February 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Justin McPherson (centre) with other supporters of Anthony Hylton, the People’s National Party candidate for Western St Andrew.

Image means a lot to Justin McPherson.

The 82-year-old People's National Party (PNP) supporter from New Haven, Western St Andrew, made stops at the tailor and shoemaker to ensure that his appearance reflected the 'Rising Sun' of the party.

His pleated terylene wool pants were bright orange; his shoes, hat, and shirt were bright orange. Only his socks were black.

"Me buy the material for this kinda occasion and mek the pants. Me shoes, too," McPherson said.

He told The Gleaner that he spent $5,000 purchasing leather and paying for labour for its construction.

McPherson said that after the shoes had been made, he used spray paint to give them their orange colour.

"It comfortable. It's for occasions like this and when we go Arena," he said of the shoes he had made last year.

"Me used to buy the orange sneakers, but I decide to make this," he said.

The PNP's Anthony Hylton was nominated to contest West St Andrew. He won the seat by 5,150 votes in the last election and said that he intends to open that margin this time around.

Voters like McPherson are determined to make sure it happens.

"From me small coming up, I know PNP is the best party for Jamaica," he said.