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Kerensia plans to teach Natalie a lesson - Schoolteacher wants North Central St Catherine

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMRyon Jones
Kerensia Morrison
Kerensia Morrison

For most of her life, Kerensia Morrison has been described as unassuming, and this is a trait she hopes will work in her favour now that she has decided to take the plunge into representational politics.

Morrison is running on the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) ticket in North Central St Catherine, a seat first contested in 2011, and she is not in the race to finish second.

The teacher and assistant general secretary of the JLP Area Council 2 was only last Sunday officially announced as the party's standard-bearer for the constituency following the withdrawal of the original candidate, Peter Abrahams.




The 39-year-old, who was born in Springvale, Top Jackson, Sligoville, obtained her first five years of secondary education at the Charlemont High before doing sixth form at St Jago High.

She then went on to the University of the West Indies where she successfully read for a degree in Literatures in English.

But she will face her toughest test on February 25 when she battles the People's National Party's Natalie Neita-Headley for the seat.

"I am an unassuming student. That was what was written on my third-form report card. So that's what the PNP would probably need to know. They shouldn't just think that it is all over," warned Morrison.

"I bring that same thing to the political arena. I will not show off and carry on; that's not me. I am a quiet worker."

Morrison said while some persons might view her as being serious, she is actually an outgoing person who loves to laugh, have a good time and being around people.

She has been heavily involved with the JLP's communications machinery and is actually the voice behind many of the party's ads.

"I am the voice of those ads, like the ones announcing the mass meeting in Sam Sharpe Square. I script them and everything," said Morrison.

"They just give me the information; who, what, when, where, why and I put them together. So when you hear 'river come down from bank to bank,' that's Kerensia."

Morrison, who is the eldest of four children, with all her siblings being boys, said she was socialised into politics from an early age having grown up in a JLP family.

"My mother and father were silent supporters, but my grandmother was an activist," Morrison revealed.

Her mother and grandmother, both passed away in 2010 and 2014 and were not around to witness her getting nominated; something that brought tears to her eyes, as she descended from upstairs the Bog Walk post office last Tuesday.

"I was coming down the stairs and the large crowd was gathered and tears were just running down my face and they wouldn't even know why. I was crying because I knew how proud my mother and grandmother would have been if they were around to see me," Morrison said.

Morrison said her father, who now lives in Florida, is "elated and beside himself" at her decision.

Morrison, who is not married and has no children, said she has every intention of starting a family, but right now, is focused on the contest with Neita-Headley.

"I am not daunted in the least," said Morrison of the challenge to be faced.

"I just want to urge Jamaicans and to urge the constituency to look at representational politics in this way; who is going to create an environment that is sustainable fi mi pickney," said Morrison.

"In the same way that you plan for your child's future, education, health you have to plan and bear in mind the politics."


BOX: St Catherine North Central: 1980 - 2011

ELECTION YEAR Candidate's Name No. Votes Cast

2011 Natalie Neita-Headley (PNP) 6,673

Raymoth Notice (JLP) 4622

Margin of Victory 2051