Wed | Jan 16, 2019

'Carry yuh proof' - JLP challenges Phillips, Burke to provide evidence behind questioning of Holness' integrity

Published:Monday | February 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party take part in a political rally in Gregory Park, East Central St Catherine, last night.

The People's National Party (PNP) has been challenged to provide proof of 'irregularities' or illegal behaviour carried out by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness.

Member of Parliament for West Kingston Desmond McKenzie last night blasted PNP Campaign Director Dr Peter Phillips and the party's general secretary Paul Burke over what he described as unwarranted attacks on Holness.

Phillips and Burke have been at the centre of calls by the PNP for Holness to answer questions about the financing of his home and other integrity-related issues. The PNP has set the answering of those questions among the prerequisites for the party's participation against the JLP in national debates.

"We in the JLP have all the confidence and have no doubt about the credibility of Andrew Holness and his ability," declared McKenzie during a political rally in Gregory Park, St Catherine, last night.

"We want the PNP to hop off Andrew Holness' fender," he added.

He said that Holness had put forward a 10-point proposal to stimulate Jamaica and the poor people of the nation, which has left the PNP floundering.

"Instead of embracing the proposals of the party leader, they have launched attacks at him," charged McKenzie.

"They have not offered to Jamaica one suggestion as to how the country will grow ... . They have nothing to offer, so they have come with criticisms," he said.

"Andrew Holness nuh trouble nobody. I challenge Peter and Paul to carry yuh proof," declared McKenzie.

Declaring that Jamaica has days to go to see the back of "this wicked, uncaring government", McKenzie said that the days were numbered for Arnaldo Brown, the People's National Party's candidate for East Central St Catherine in which Gregory Park is located.

Brown, who won the seat in the 2011 general election, will be facing off against the JLP's Alando Terrelonge.