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Candidates blatantly disrespect ombudsman's office

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown has accused 33 political candidates, including three Cabinet ministers, of "blatantly disrespecting" her office by not signing the Political Code of Conduct.

The ombudsman made good on her promise and today published the names of the delinquent candidates who have been nominated to run in the February 25 general election.

Of the 152 nominated candidates, 119 candidates have signed the document.

Youth Minister Lisa Hanna; Health Minister Horace Dalley; and Robert Pickersgill, land, water, environment and climate change minister, are the Cabinet members listed among the delinquents.

Parchment Brown is encouraging the delinquents to sign the document, saying that their failure to do so raises questions as to their readiness and suitability for representational politics.


- Lisa Hanna (PNP) - St Ann South East

- Horace Dalley (PNP) - Clarendon Northern

- Robert Pickersgill (PNP) - St Catherine North Western

- Norris Grant (PNP) - St Catherine Central

- Michael Stern (JLP) - Clarendon North Western

- Pearnel Charles (JLP) - Clarendon North Central

- Caswell Pinnock (JLP) and Eaton Williams (NDM) - Clarendon Northern

- Delano Seiveright (JLP) - St Thomas Eastern

- Andrea Sutherland (JLP) - Westmoreland Eastern

- Olivia Grange (JLP) - St Catherine Central

- Leslie Campbell (JLP) - St Catherine North Eastern

- Everald Warmington (JLP) - St Catherine South Western

- Dr Christopher Tufton (JLP) - St Catherine West Central

- Allando Terrelonge (JLP) - St Catherine East Central

- Welton Wood (JLP) - St Catherine southern

- Horace Matthews (MGPP) - St Andrew South Eastern

- Terrence Lindo (NDM) - St Andrew North Eastern

-Michael Greenland (MGPP) - St Andrew North Western

-n Rosemarie Campbell (NDM) - St Andrew North Western

-Ansel Lee (MGPP) - Kingston Central

- Arlington Seaton (MGPP) - Kingston Western

- Deborah Golding (IND) - Kingston Western

- Curtis Campbell (NDM) - St Catherine South Eastern

- Garth Barnett (MGPP) - St Catherine North Central

- Lloyd Smith (NDM) - St Catherine North Central

- Gene Guthrie (IND) - St Catherine North Western

- Toraino Beckford (IND) - Westmoreland Central

-Joseph Hilton (MGPP) - St James Southern

- Ras Astor Black (NDM) - St James Southern

- Clifford Barnett (MGPP) - St James West Central

- Leonard Sharpe (NDM) - Hanover Western

- Graham McDonnough Jr (NDM) - St Ann South Western

- Dennis Minott (IND) - Portland Eastern