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Holness gets full support from JLP, PNP supporters in his constituency

Published:Friday | March 4, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Andrew Watson, resident of St Andrew West Central.
Sandrine McKenzie, resident of St Andrew West Central.
Patricia, resident of St Andrew West Central.

Supporters of both the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People's National Party (PNP) from the St Andrew West Central constituency are expressing hope and joy for its member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Holness after the JLP was declared victor in the February 25 general election.

Holness has been MP for St Andrew West Central since 1997. Last week, he won his fifth consecutive term, making him a 'five-star general'.

He was sworn in yesterday as the ninth person to hold the office of prime minister of Jamaica.

The Gleaner visited Holness' constituency on Wednesday to capture the overall vibe of the constituents following his party's victory.

With a serene atmosphere as residents went about their normal business, most persons shared their desire for more access to jobs.

Andrew Watson, a welder, said that he has been jobless for the past seven months and was very happy and fully supportive of Holness. He requested more job opportunities for Jamaican youth.

"Mi feel well happy over everything because me is a trade man and a seven month now mi nuh do no work and a welding work mi do. A just weh me put down mi affi a eat offa. Lucky ting seh mi did smart. Di whole Thursday night (election night), mi pray fi get di victory," Watson said.

"Mi want him deal wid di young youth. Majority of the young youth dem weh deh pon di corner fi get sumn fi do. Some a di youth dem don't have nuh skill. When mi roun a mi yard some a di time a do likkle welding work, mi have one and two youth come round me, but tru di work nuh nuff, dem cya tarry, you understand mi," he said.


Full support


Businesswoman Sharon Amos, who was sporting green hair, said that she was delighted for the JLP's victory and declared full support for Holness.

"You see dat?" Amos said, while pointing to her hair.

"My hair is green, my nails are in green. I support the Labour Party; 100 per cent. We're giving him a try. I have two children that I personally send to university - not on any student loan - out of my pocket. Every morning you have to come up with at least even a $2,500 or a $3,000 to send children to school," she said.

Lack of jobs was the main problem Amos wants Holness to address.

"I need jobs for my kids and if my kids not working, I will always be in the slum. I don't even like the word poor. So who like poor people? Dat don't fall under my category. That's out of it completely," Amos told The Gleaner.

Diehard PNP supporter and first-time voter Patricia said that she was very happy for Holness' victory but described herself as a proud PNP loser.

"I'm very happy for him still, enuh. Him need a chance fi do weh him affi do, but guess wah? I'm a proud PNP loser. I was so upset. A man see me eating a fish (election day) and jumping on mi seh we win. I had to give him the arm in the mouth," Patricia said.

Sandrine McKenzie said that she was in no way surprised about the election results and said that she had been patiently waiting on Holness to serve a full term as prime minister. She believes that Holness' work throughout the constituency is the best example of taking the country from poverty towards prosperity. She feels that Holness can now extend his work to the entire Jamaica.

"West Central St Andrew has always had a champion boy, so this is not surprising. We were just waiting for him to serve more than two months. The last time we had a (JLP) prime minister, it was only for two months. This time, we have him now for a full term. He has always supported West Central. When he got the position of prime minister, they wanted him to move to West Kingston because the leader always has the West Kingston seat, but he stuck with West Central St Andrew, and for me, that was something that proved his worth," McKenzie said.

Anthony White said: "Portia was for the poor, and she keep the poor poor. Now, di big man, star bwoy, up deh. Champion bwoy up deh. Di house weh Andrew have, mi waa live inna bigger dan dat."