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Who betrayed Portia? - Expert blames Simpson Miller's handlers for election defeat

Published:Friday | March 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMGary Spaulding
Portia Simpson Miller

A psychotherapist, who drew much criticism late last year when The Gleaner reported her projection that then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller would be booted because of the actions of her handlers, has declared that she now feels vindicated.

"Simpson Miller became both a captive and victim of her own public relations," asserted the psychotherapist, who studies human behaviour and has repeatedly requested that her name be withheld.

She said she has been studying the metamorphosis of the PNP president since 2011. "It is fascinating to watch from a psychoanalytical perspective."

Explaining that for professional reason she could not permit release of her identity, the psychotherapist added: "In the end she was like Marie Antoinette, a tragic figure who was powerless to change her circumstances."

Marie Antoinette, then wife of French King Louis XVI, was executed by the use of a guillotine, after she was accused of helping to provoke unrest that led to the French Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792.

"Now she (Simpson Miller) will face the guillotine alone," the psychotherapist lamented. "The good news is that she is now wealthy and self-sufficient.

She added: "The lady from Woodhall did good, but her legacy was allowed to be tarnished by people with raw political agendas that did not serve her interests."


Delusions of grandeur


Last year, the psychotherapist told The Gleaner that from a clinical perspective, Simpson Miller's handlers engendered a type of complex in her to make her feel she was no longer accountable to anyone.

"It comes off as delusions of grandeur," declared the psychotherapist.

"I am sure this is not who she is, even as they transformed a very confident person into a self-embarrassed figurehead."

Speaking with The Gleaner last week - six months after her initial prediction - the psychotherapist said: "The fallout will be tough, many careers are now exposed and they will be weighed and found wanting."

She continued: "The PNP will find themselves in the position that most old political parties have."

According to her, the young people within the PNP are now impatient. "They believe their time has come and are eager to retire the old guard."

She lamented that, "After all his hard work, Dr Peter Phillips (former finance minister) will have to fight for his political life as many are laying the loss at his feet.

"Portia cannot and might not even be inclined to help him," said the psychotherapist.

"She is too busy staring at the populace, especially Comrades, in wonder at their betrayal. How can such a crowd in Half-Way Tree be wrong?" added the psychotherapist.