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St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital: New ward fails to ease shortage

Published:Sunday | March 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In this 2014 photo two persons are seen sitting on benches while being treated at the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital.

Despite the opening of a new 47-bed ward at the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital in June 2014, administrators at the facility are still struggling to find enough beds for patients.

Efforts to reach Bentley Steer, acting CEO of the hospital, were unsuccessful last week, but a worker at the facility, who asked not to be named, told our news team that the condition was dire.

According to the hospital employee, persons still have to sit on chairs in the emergency area until a bed becomes available, the very situation the new ward was designed to alleviate.

"It's just that more people are getting sick and the bed space is just not there to accommodate them as we would like," she said.

Last Tuesday when our news team visited the hospital, a young lady who lives in St Ann, who had just visited her mother, spoke about the conditions she experienced.

"Mi mother drop dung Saturday and we bring har to the hospital about midday, and dem seh dem haffi admit har. Dem put har on a chair in the emergency to wait," said the woman.

She charged that when she visited her mother on Sunday she was still seated in the chair.

"Ah Monday ... dem move har, inna di afternoon, an' put har inna one bed pon di ward."

The woman said when she took her mother to the hospital on Saturday, there were about eight other patients seated on chairs, apparently waiting for a bed.

She added that when she visited her mother on Tuesday, at least three of the persons she saw on Saturday were finally on the ward.