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Vox Pop: What should stay?

Published:Tuesday | March 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sophie Grizzle Raumel
Daniel Grizzle
Elaine Allen-Bradley
Ryan Morrison
Christine Cohen
Nerris Hawthorne
Adrian Hamilton
Lee Issa

If you had the power to make one thing about Negril stay forever as part of the town's landscape, what would it be?

Sophie Grizzle Roumel, director, Negril Chamber of Commerce

"The beach, cliffs, and the beautiful coastlines ... the natural environment."

Daniel Grizzle, founder, Negril Chamber of Commerce

"The easy access of the public to our beaches, unlike other places in Jamaica."

Elaine Allen-Bradley, director, Negril Chamber of Commerce

"The beach is a natural treasure and we must do all we can to preserve it. We don't want Negril to become a concrete jungle."

Nerris Hawthorne, director, Negril Resort Board

"As someone who lives outside of Negril, I want Negril to remain that getaway for real relaxation."

Adrian Hamilton, deputy superintendent of police

"Certainly the robust representation by interest groups is something one would never want Negril to change."

Christine Cohen, director, Negril Resort Board

"I want to see the passion and sexiness remain."

Ryan Morrison, president, Negril Entertainment Association

"The laid-back ambience, that ease ... that absence of corporateness."

Lee Issa, president, Negril Chamber of Commerce

"We need to preserve this natural seven-mile beach; the cliffs and the wetlands are also areas that must be protected."