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‘Mischief making!’ - JUTC dismisses claim that tough talking ex-cop gets extra perks

Published:Sunday | April 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMErica Virtue
JUTC’s Managing Director Colin Campbell (left) addresses the media at a press conference while Radcliffe Lewis looks on.

Colin Campbell, managing director of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), has rubbished claims that the head of the company's Revenue Protection Division, retired police officer Radcliffe Lewis, is receiving perks to which he is not entitled.

JUTC sources had charged that Lewis is getting a monthly transportation allowance but is using a company vehicle to get to and from work, in breach of the guidelines issued by the finance ministry.

dismissing the charge

But Campbell dismissed the charge as nothing more than mischief-making.

"He does not drive his own vehicle on operations. He couldn't be expected to do that. But please be aware of mischief-makers, because I am sure this is coming from individuals affected by Lewis' work," said Campbell.

"How come none of these issues have never been raised at union meetings or reported to me or anyone else. It's the first I am hearing of these so-called concerns," added Campbell.

He said Lewis' department is assigned three vehicles which, from time to time, "have been damaged by illegal operators who use stones or other missiles to damage them".

Lewis also scoffed at the charges as he declared that he does not claim travelling allowance from the JUTC.

"I use the JUTC vehicles for operation, and I bet you those persons you see talking have gone home long time, when I am on the road. I am talking to you from a location on the road. I am on a location trying to get more revenue for the JUTC, by making sure that we put a stop to any illegal operations involving JUTC people," said the tough-talking ex-cop.

'wuk-house work'

Describing his job as "wuk-house work" (prison work), Lewis said nothing is improper for him to use the JUTC vehicles to conduct his job on behalf of the still-struggling public entity.

"JUTC could not pay me to use my vehicle for operation. That would be millions of dollars," said Lewis.

He said for the past two years, 38 JUTC staff members have been arrested and charged with various illegal acts, including ticketing infractions, petrol stealing, illegal removal of radios from the buses and the removal of spare parts.

According to Lewis, of the 38 charged, 22 have been dismissed and more than 100 cases are pending both in the Resident Magistrate's Court and JUTC disciplinary panel.

He added that ticketing infractions have been reduced from more than 80 per month to between five and 10, and "we intend to bring it down to zero".