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More than 100,000 traffic tickets issued since January - Traffic cops outline actions taken during first three months of year

Published:Monday | April 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Allen, who heads the Traffic and Highway Patrol Division, is reporting that 17,762 spot checks, 1,383 speed checks, and 204,045 vehicular checks were conducted and 302,361 persons were searched in the first quarter of 2016.

In addition, 2,166 vehicles and 353 motorcycles were seized.

A total of 102,468 tickets were issued throughout the three-month period, ending March 31, of which 5,144 were issued for speeding-related offences.

Also, 648 offensive weapons were confiscated, which included four illegal firearms and 22 assorted rounds of ammunition.

Two hundred and eighty-nine persons were arrested and 2,547 summonses were issued.

Four thousand and eighty-nine patrols were conducted, which included joint mobile and motorcycle patrols.

In the first three months of 2016, there were 111 road fatalities compared to 105 in the corresponding period last year.

There have been 111 road fatalities since the start of the year compared with 105 for the corresponding period last year.

Motorcyclists recorded 38, highest of all the categories of road users.

Private motor car passengers and pedestrians followed closely with 18 and 16, respectively.

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Division, in attempting to reduce the carnage on the roads, has conducted 84 lectures and education-campaign initiatives across the island since the start of the year.

Allen said it is the responsibility of every motorist to exercise good discipline and to adhere to the rules of the road rules, which exist to protect the public.

He said motorists need to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy.

"We are imploring motorists to do the right thing, stay alive, and continue to drive. If you do not abide by the rules that govern the road, you will face the full extent of the law. We must take responsibility as a nation to reduce the carnage on our streets," Allen stated.