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Election delinquents - Munroe calls for action against candidates who failed to file returns

Published:Thursday | April 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM

***(Editor's Note: In the cases of Derrick Kellier, Ronald Thwaites, Ansel Lee, and Robert Chin, the Electoral Commission of Jamaica has subsequently indicated that they did in fact file their returns ahead of the deadline.)

The Electoral Commission of Jamaica has indicated that 41 of the 152 candidates who contested the February 25 general election did not meet the April 6 deadline to file returns on their election expenses with the returning officer in their respective constituencies.

With this in mind, Professor Trevor Munroe, executive director of National Integrity Action, has called for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and other relevant law enforcement bodies to institute proceedings against the delinquent candidates in breach of Section 101 of the Representation of the People Act.

 See below the list of the 41 individuals not included by the ECJ among those who filed on time.


Below is the full list



1. Joseph Witter PNP Kingston Western

2. ***Ronald Thwaites PNP Kingston Central

3. Paul Buchannan PNP St Andrew West Rural

4. Anthony Hylton PNP St Andrew Western

5. Omar Davies PNP St Andrew Southern

6. Andre Hylton PNP St Andrew Eastern

7. Donovan Isaacs PNP St Andrew North Western

8. Marsha Francis PNP St Thomas Western

9. Vernon Hemmings PNP Portland Western

10. Jolyan Silvera PNP St Mary Western

11. Anthony Henry PNP St James North Western

12. Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams PNP St James West Central

13. ***Derrick Kellier PNP St James Southern

14. Wynter McIntosh PNP Hanover Eastern

15. Desmond Brennan PNP Clarendon North Central

16. Noel Arscott PNP Clarendon South Western

17. Rudyard Mears PNP St Catherine South Western

18. Fitz Jackson PNP St Catherine Southern

19. Clinton Clarke PNP St Catherine West Central

20.*** Robert Chin JLP Kingston Central

21. Trevor Webb JLP St Andrew Western

22. Dennis Messias JLP St Andrew Southern

23. Charlton Collie JLP St Andrew South Eastern

24. Delano Seiveright JLP St Thomas Eastern

25. Jason James JLP St Mary Central

26. Ivan Anderson JLP St Ann South Eastern

27. Othneil Lawrence JLP St Ann North Western

28. Horace Chang JLP St James North Western

29. Omar Frith JLP Manchester North Western

30. Rudyard Spencer JLP Clarendon South Eastern

31. Welton Shettlewood JLP St Catherine Southern

32. Kerensia Morrison JLP St Catherine North Central

33. Alando Terrelonge JLP St Catherine East Central

34. *** Ansel Lee MGPPP Kingston Central

35. Robert Cover MGPPP St Thomas Western

36. Garth Barnett MGPPP St Catherine North Central

37. Rosemarie Higgins-Campbell NDM St Andrew North Western

38. Astor Black NDM St James Southern

39. Curtis Campbell NDM St Catherine South Eastern

40. Lloyd Smith NDM St Catherine North Central

41. Upton Blake PPP St Catherine South Western