Sun | Jul 22, 2018

My view on the Throne Speech: Prosperity vision unclear

Published:Friday | April 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jonielle McIntosh

The Throne Speech should essentially paint a picture of the direction in which the Government plans to take the country. Governor General Sir Patrick Allen made it clear that this administration is focusing its efforts on building a partnership with the public for prosperity.

The speech, however, seemed round-about, without definitively saying to the public what this prosperity looks like; what the main objectives are; and how we achieve these objectives.

The points that were most detailed seemed to be on the revision of legislation and

policies that spoke more to offering social growth and not necessarily creating a framework for economic growth.

What struck me most were the plans to improve the country's infrastructure in the agriculture and mining sectors, with the aim of moving the country up the value chain.

Countries that are integrated in a global value chain stand to gain most when they are engaged in the more complex level of the production process. If we are able to accomplish this, then we would improve our growth prospects.

However, many people tuned in to hear exactly how the Government plans to follow through with the plans outlined in the JLP's manifesto.

Unfortunately, no mention was made of how we plan to move forward with the International Monetary Fund programme, given that we must maintain a primary balance of at least seven per cent, which is hard to do given the proposed new expenditures with no clear means of funding it.

- Jonielle McIntosh