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Thieves plague Heroes Park project - Perimeter fence deadline pushed back as scope of work changes

Published:Friday | June 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell
Tony Darling, project manager, showing a tile that was made from limestone to be used on the fence.
Raw material on the site.
Work in progress.
The amount of steel could be a demonstration of the structural soundness of the work taking place at the National Heroes Park in Kingston.
Early stage of work at one section of the park.

There has been a change in the scope of work currently taking place at the National Heroes Park to construct a perimeter fence.

The change of scope has resulted in an extension of the project from August to the end of September.

Tony Darling, project manager, told The Gleaner yesterday that the original plan was to renovate some of the existing structures around the park. However, he pointed out that the plan has shifted from renovation to rebuilding because the integrity of the existing structure has been compromised.

He said the change in the scope of work would not result in an overall increase in the cost of the project.

According to the project manager, plans to reconstruct the ceremonial gate at the entrance to the park were shelved, resulting in some savings that would offset the rebuilding component.

He told The Gleaner that there have been incidents of theft at the park. "We have material out in the field that has been removed."

Darling said a request has been made for the police to carry out more patrols in and around the park.




Yesterday, The Gleaner visited the nerve centre of the project, where limestone has been collected for processing into tiles that will be used as the finishing material for the fence.

"They are the original rough stones that come from the quarry, and then we use the saw to cut them and then square them up."

The project to construct the perimeter fence around the park will cost the country $151 million.

Black Brothers Incorporated Limited was awarded the contract by Cabinet to erect the fence.

The perimeter fence is being constructed under the National Heroes Park Redevelopment Project and represents a portion of a phased programme aimed at upgrading the entire park.

The perimeter fencing is expected to improve the appearance and security of the park.