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KSAC ready to assist with Sutton Street demolition - Brown-Burke

Published:Friday | June 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMPaul Clarke
Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown-Burke

Kingston Mayor, Angela Brown-Burke confirmed that the derelict building on Sutton Street, downtown Kingston, part of which collapsed on to the sidewalk on Tuesday, will be demolished, even if the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has to assist in carrying out the job.

She said the notice of demolition was served and that the KSAC stood ready to offer assistance in making sure the owner did the right thing in the demolition of the structure.

"The responsibility of destroying the building is really that of the owner, but we stand ready to lend any assistance we can give in making sure the job is carried out," said Brown-Burke.

She said that Town Clerk Robert Hill had made contact with the owner and they were discussing the process to be undertaken.


Collapsed on to roadway


Two pedestrians making their way along Sutton Street were stunned as a section of the building fell on to the roadway about mid-morning on Tuesday.

The KSAC responded by dispatching its civil engineer to assess the danger. Subsequently, a formal notice of demolition was served on the owner.

The building is located across from the St Aloysius Primary School and was used in the past as a bookshop.

Brown-Burke reiterated that the KSAC was committed to removing derelict buildings in the city.

"We are aware of the dangers of these derelict buildings and will be moving to, and as best as possible, address this long-standing situation," Brown-Burke said.

"It is a situation that we are paying serious attention to in order to safeguard lives and property and to help restore the beauty in downtown Kingston," the mayor said.