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Golding run -- Mark wins race to replace Omar in South St Andrew

Published:Sunday | July 31, 2016 | 12:00 AMErica Virtue
Mark Golding (centre) surrounded by some of his supporters minutes before it was announced that he had won the race to replace Dr Omar Davies as the chairman of the People's National Party's organisation in the South St Andrew constituency.
Mark Golding gives his supporters the PNP’s traditional fist bump after he was announced as a landslide winner of the race to replace Dr Omar Davies as the chairman of the party’s organisation in South St Andrew.
Colin Campbell (centre) entered the race with confidence but ended well behind as, despite his strong show of support, the delegates all but ignored him.

Mark Golding yesterday walloped Colin Campbell in the election for the post of chairman of the St Andrew South constituency and moved himself into the almost certain position to represent the People's National Party (PNP) in its Corporate Area political bastion in the next general election.

Comrades voted massively in favour of Golding, giving him 70 of the 79 votes that were available, with Campbell receiving eight, and one ballot spoilt.

"I thank you for your overwhelming support. I thank you for doing the right thing for your families, and for the constituency, and for Jamaica. I want to thank my opponent Colin Campbell for running a clean campaign, although tensions ran a little high sometimes," said Golding after the results were announced.


"Today was a great day for South St Andrew, a great day for the PNP and a great day for the people of Jamaica ... ," Golding said to cheers and applause from the large crowd who celebrated the results.

The voting was delayed by more than three hours, but it was over in less than an hour as delegates and supporters alike waited anxiously for the results.

Campbell was crestfallen, and had very few words after the results were announced.

"Comrades, the delegates have spoken, and I respect the results of the election," he said to the throng of supporters who flooded the conference room of the South St Andrew constituency office, where celebrations rang out.