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No charge! - Cops caught on video using force to arrest woman avoid criminal sanctions

Published:Sunday | August 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Image taken from a video posted on Facebook of an altercation between police and a woman in Gordon Town, St Andrew.

The policemen caught on camera attempting to arrest a woman in Gordon Town, St Andrew, will not face any criminal charge.

The Police High Command yesterday reported that it has received a ruling from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) which recommended that no criminal charges should be laid against the cops involved, but instead suggested that a departmental review of their actions be conducted.

According to the High Command, in reaching the ruling, the DPP's office reportedly considered the lawfulness of the arrest as well as the presence of independent witnesses, and also noted that the creator of the video has yet to come forward.

The DPP was also recommended that all parties be allowed to pursue civil remedies should they wish to do so, and in terms of the criminal charges laid against the woman, that the matters be ventilated in court at the earliest possible opportunity.




"The Inspectorate of the Constabulary, which had prepared a file and submitted it to the DPP in July, will now proceed with its investigations internally.

"They are once again appealing to the person who created the video to come forward and participate in the process," said the High Command.

The video, which went viral after it was posted to the social media site Facebook, showed the police trying to restrain the woman and take her into custody while pulling her hair and kneeling on her abdomen.

What sparked the confrontation was not shown on the video, and the woman, whose name is being withheld, is facing charges of resisting arrest, indecent language and unlawful wounding.