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Mother stunned by son's murder

Published:Friday | August 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

Sandra Brown, mother of 22-year-old Odane Abbott, who was one of three persons killed by gunmen in his yard on Lincoln Crescent in Arnett Gardens on Tuesday, said her son would have been playing football with friends at 5 p.m. that same evening, but was cut down shortly before that.

He was at home all day enjoying his usual Tuesdays off from work.

Three other persons were seriously wounded in the incident.

Tears flowed continuously as she tried to express her grief to The Gleaner.

"Only thing Odane loves more than anything else is (foot)ball. Mi did have a likkle boyfriend and him help mi straight through. Him deh a America. A last week Monday him give him US$100 and him go buy one boots fi $10,000. Mi seh Odane, buy a cheap one. Him seh when you buy the cheap one fi $5,000, you affi go buy another one. Him seh him a buy one good one and done. A Monday him go play in deh. Now it round a di house," Brown said, weeping for her firstborn

"Yesterday (Tuesday), him a wait pon 5 o'clock fi go back go play and dem cut him dung 4:29. Dem couldn't wait till after 5 when him gone."


Asked for grandson


It was not so long ago that Brown told her son of her desire to be graced with a grandson before she got too old. Abbott granted his mother her wish.

"Weh day mi seh to Odane, mi want a grandpickney before mi dead. Odane go down a Nadine (a family friend) and get three puss (kittens) and carry the three puss dem come gi mi and mi seh mi want real pickney. Odane go (make) one baby. Di modda four months (pregnant) and him nuh live fi see the baby. Suppose you see how Odane plan fi di baby, and dem tek him from mi," she said.

Brown and other Arnett Gardens residents spoke highly and proudly of Abbott, a former Jamaica College student. They remember him as well-mannered and always quick to avoid confrontation. He was an employee at the Cremo Ice Cream Company at the time of his death, where he was said to have recommended a long list of his 'good behaving' friends from his community to his superiors for job opportunities.

Some of them were lucky enough to secure positions in the company while others are still waiting patiently for positive responses.