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Happy birthday, Usain! (Pt2)

Published:Sunday | August 21, 2016 | 12:20 AM
Adam Stewart
William Mahfood
Dennis Chung
Floyd Green
Ruel Reid
Dr Carl Williams
Terri-Karelle Reid
Joan Andrea Hutchinson
Paula Kerr-Jarrett
Orville Powell
Jenni Campbell

With Usain St Leo Bolt celebrating his 30th birthday today, scores of Jamaicans have reached out with best wishes for the legend who underscored his status in Rio.  Here are more of the birthday wishes.

Dr Karl Williams
Commissioner of Police:

"On behalf of the men and women of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, I wish Usain Bolt — the world's fastest man and a distinguished Jamaican Ambassador — a very Happy 30th Birthday. You have proven to be the best in the world, and on this your special day we are confident your utmost best is yet to come. We wish you joy tantamount to that which you have brought to Jamaicans the world over. Enjoy your day Champ, and continued bliss and blessings for the future."

Terri Karelle Reid
Gleaner Online brand manager
“There really are no words to describe him. Every media house, broadcaster, interviewer, storyteller, has exhausted every word in the dictionary that is synonymous to Legend, Icon, Greatest, Best, Phenom, Anomaly, Majestic etc. He has baffled scientists, doctors, lecturers, educators, trainers and fellow athletes. All I will say is THANK YOU. Thank you for being ... well ... YOU.  Happy birthday.

Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information

"It is certainly our pleasure to wish the Honourable Usain Bolt a happy birthday. He certainly has been an inspiration to all of us in Jamaica. We wish him very well in all his future endeavours."

Joan Andrea Hutchinson
Author, broadcaster

"You spread your wings, your spirit cannot hide
You run your race with God as your guide
Green black and gold the victory in your stride
You fill us all with pride" Love you Usain ... Happy birthday and God speed

Floyd Green, state minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information

"I think there is no question that Usain Bolt has proven his immortality, something we all knew in Jamaica from he was 15-year-old. We just want to wish him a happy, happy birthday. He continues to makes us very proud especially the youths of the country. He has made us believe that we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.  Happy Birthday Usain!"

Adam Stewart
CEO & deputy chairman of Sandals Resorts and ATL Group
“I think most would agree that the word "Legend" is overused nowadays but when you consider Usain Bolt, the man is literally a 'living legend.'

It is hard to believe that another human being will ever match his accomplishments on the track and his name and achievements will be enjoyed by the all of the world for the rest of time; he's a phenomenon.
However despite him being probably the biggest sportsman the world has ever seen, he remains as humble and accessible as ever and he is a wonderful ambassador for both his sport and our country Jamaica. The world might claim him but he will always be ours!

Happy birthday Usain.  Thanks for making us proud.

Dennis Chung
Executive director of the PSOJ
“Words can't describe the way we feel about you.  Happy birthday Usain you always do Jamaica proud.
Up, Up, Up, every time.”

William Mahfood
President of the PSOJ & CEO of Wisynco
“Usain, an entire nation and people are proud of the class and culture that you have exhibited on and off the track. We send the very best wishes to you on your birthday.  Thank you for giving us so many treasured moments. God's richest blessings.

Dancehall artiste

"Well, first and foremost we give thanks for life and now for one more life, that is, Usain Bolt and everything that him contribute to Brand Jamaica. And I witness it firsthand when I went to Rio.  It's a world celebration, where people from all different denominations come together, and it's to celebrate this one Jamaican. It’s a great endorsement, Jamaica's greatest endorsement outside of Bob Marley,"

Orville Powell
President Montego Bay FC

“The family of Montage Bay Untied FC celebrates you Usain Bolt on this your 30th birthday. We are proud of you, how you, how you have represented your country with so much humility, determination, strength and confidence. Happy birthday.

Paula Kerr-Jarrett

“Bob Marley once said: ‘The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him.’ You Usain Bolt another GREAT have not only fulfilled those words but continue to live this image and vision we have for our nation. Stay the course. You may have conquered the world of speed but the best is yet to come as you continue to inspire so many at home and throughout the world with your humility, graciousness and warmth. God Bless you on your special day

Jenni Campbell, Immediate past president of the Press Association of Jamaica

"I so admire your energy and your attitude to success.  You are truly phenomenal and I wish you the happiest and most blessed birthday."