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Son stunned after father killed in Annotto Bay triple murder

Published:Friday | September 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMOrantes Moore

The son of a man who was killed during a triple murder in Annotto Bay, St Mary, yesterday, says he is stunned by the killing.

Speaking yesterday from outside the crime scene, Aubyn Pryce said he had no idea what the motive for the brutal killing might be and described his father, Albert, 62, as a hard working man who avoided people and rarely left his home in Fort George.

Pryce, 31, told The Gleaner: "I got a phone call and woke up to hear that my father had died. I didn't hear what was the cause. I just jumped into a taxi, and when I reached here, I heard that it was gunshots. I was the first family member to reach, so the police asked me to identify his body.

"I would describe my father as a person who didn't really go out. He is the type of person who would be at home but locked his gate from the outside so no one knows he is there. He wasn't a man who really keeps friend and company.

"This is just really unexpected. I never knew that I would wake up to this. If I had heard that he had died, I would have thought it would have been of a natural cause. I would never have considered gunshots."


According to police reports, neighbours heard shots around three o'clock yesterday morning and reported the matter to officers at the local station about 6:15 a.m.

Acting on the information, the police went to Fort George, where they discovered the dead bodies of Pryce; Rochelle Williams, 25, of Portland; and her nine-month-old daughter, Alear Sewell.

All three bodies were removed from the house and taken to a local funeral home, where they await autopsies.

Although Pryce said he had never met Williams before, neighbours allege that his father was in a relationship with the woman, and Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams, who visited the scene later in the morning, also suggested that the killing might have resulted from a domestic dispute.