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Loved ones left to mourn in MoBay

Published:Tuesday | September 27, 2016 | 12:00 AMArthur Hall
Mackie speaking about Montego Bay

The pain was obvious in her voice as she spoke with The Gleaner yesterday, less than 24 hours after she buried her brother, one of the 199 persons killed in St James since the start of the year.

With the pain, there was also fear as the employee of a prominent hotel in Montego Bay established her terms before agreeing to speak with The Gleaner.

"Mek sure you don't use mi name or picture," declared the woman, who The Gleaner has opted to identify as [just] Marcia.

"Yesterday (Sunday) we bury mi brother who them kill on the 20th of last month and me know nothing not going to come out of it," said Marcia, a resident of one of the troubled inner-city communities in Montego Bay.

"My brother was not a scammer or a gunman, and him never mix up. Is a party him deh in Mount Salem and them come shoot it up and shot me brother kill him," added Marcia.

She said the gunmen had targeted someone at the party but the bullets missed the intended victim and caught her brother instead.

Her family is one of many mourning loved ones caught in the bloodletting that is taking over Montego Bay, and for Marcia, the police based in the resort town are of little use.

"Some of them looking the girl them and them call and tell them when operation going to happen so the man them get to escape. MoBay cannot continue like this," sobbed Marcia before ending the interview abruptly as the tears streamed down her face.




Marcia's co-worker, who would only give his name as 'Mackie', has lived in Montego Bay for all of his 55 years on Earth, and has never seen it this bad in the town.

He agreed that policing has failed the residents and is demanding strong action from the cops to deal with the criminals.

"Me come through tribal war, me come through everything, and nothing ever bad like this. It gone, man, right now MoBay gone," said Mackie.

"No care how many police them send come a MoBay, that can't solve the problem. Only one man in Jamaica now can solve this and is (retired Senior Superintendent Reneto) Adams. Them need to settle everything and send back for Adams."

According to Mackie, teenage boys involved in the lottery scam are at the heart of the crime, and they have no fear of the police.

"Them need to go look for them boy yah, and if them don't have a job, find some military place to lock them off, because them too free. Is not work them want, because work deh a MoBay. One man all a do two three jobs. But we can't live so where MoBay a control by the gunman dem. So them a bring it to we, the law need to bring it back to them," declared Mackie.

While he is thankful that the violence has not yet touched any immediate member of his family, Mackie is worried that if it continues this way he will soon be burying a loved one, or maybe they will be burying him.