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Angel wants to make St Mary proud

Published:Friday | September 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Angel Tucker of, Endfield Primary and Junior High, lifts the trophy for St Mary.

Port Maria, St Mary:

Angel is 11 years old and in grade six. This is her third time entering the competition. She was champion girl last year. Spent the summer studying for the parish finals. Her favourite subject is mathematics and she loves to read. She would like to be lawyer and is a member of most of the clubs in her school, including, Math Club, High Achievers Club, Girls Guides, Science Club and Reading Club.

Angel on winning: "I feel happy, so happy. I am proud of myself."

On nationals: "I'm going to make St Mary proud."

"I can manage studying for GSAT and nationals. My average is 91 [per cent], I'm always first in my class, and so I'm not worried about it."

Coach on winning: "I was sure she would win today. Last year I told her that this year would be our year."


1. Angel Tucker, Endfield Primary and Junior High

2. Vince Anne Campbell, St Mary High

3. Jaheem Jackson, St Mary High

4. Nickelia Ramdon, Rock River Primary

5. Lajanaye Clarke, Brimmervale High

Top Boy: Jaheem Jackson, St Mary High

Top Girl: Angel Tucker, Endfield Primary and Junior High

Winning word: N-O-C-T-U-R-N-A-L

Coach: Kerrian Green Number of spellers: 69