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Empty buses leave Port Royal ... Residents refuse to evacuate ahead of Matthew

Published:Monday | October 3, 2016 | 11:03 AM

Barbara Ellington, Public Affairs Editor

Up to 8:30 this morning, residents of Port Royal, Kingston were standing firm in their decision to remain inside the precincts of their seaside community for the duration of the much-anticipated Hurricane Matthew.

“We live through all of them from Gilbert and Ivan onwards and nutten no do we, so we naw move. The most damage we get over the years is one and two sheet a zinc move off a some house but we safe,” said the small group of women who claim English ancestry.

They told The Gleaner that the Local Government authorities sent a bus to take them to a shelter but only four of their number took up the offer.

"It would be better if they sent that bus to MoBay to transport the gunmen away from the island," one man quipped.

"Them no treat you good at the shelter, condition no good there. Even out MP promised us a good spot upstairs but who going to take care of our furniture and things when we we gone?”

Elsewhere along the main road from North Street, Kingston to Port Royal, all was calm.

The only activity was seen in a group of curious men exercising their dog, along the beach where sand washed ashore and onto the main road parallel with the Palisadoes airport.

Man’s abuse of the coral reef has taken its toll.

Young boys were also seen fishing in the area close to Rae Town, while others gathered on the huge retaining boulders along the airport main road to take pictures or otherwise enjoy the calm before the storm.