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'Fat Man' in police custody with help from Clergyman

Published:Thursday | October 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Bishop Rohan Edwards

With the assistance of Bishop Rohan Edwards from the Lighthouse Assembly Ministries in St Catherine, Marvin 'Fat Man' Campbell, who the police recently named as a person of interest in Sunday's gruesome attack on a family in Spanish Town, is now in police custody.

The attack left five persons, including three children, dead. Two persons, an adult and another child, have been hospitalised in serious condition. Outside of being named as a person of interest in this matter, Campbell was also wanted for a triple murder, which occurred in Spanish Town recently, and for incest.

Edwards handed him over to members of the High Command at the Office of the Police Commissioner yesterday.


Met in the countryside


Edwards told The Gleaner that he met with Campbell at a location in the countryside early yesterday morning. He said he was contacted by Campbell, who admitted that he was fearful of turning himself in alone. Campbell's only request, according to Edwards, was that he be taken directly to the Office of the Police Commissioner on Hope Road in Kingston.

"The gentleman called me because he knows of the work I do, and he trusts me as a pastor in the community, and he wants to hand himself in, but he is afraid that if he goes to the police, they would harm him. So he asked me to come and get him," he said.

With the Reverend Al Miller being convicted recently for attempting to pervert the course of justice when he attempted to transport Christopher 'Dudus' Coke to surrender to United States authorities at the US Embassy in Kingston, instead of to the local police, Edwards said he had no fear of landing himself in trouble with the law. He said also that Al Miller's experience was a lesson to the fraternity of pastors.

"He (Miller) taught the whole island, especially the fraternity of pastors, some lessons. I was with Al Miller the day he got the call from Dudus. He wanted to do a good service, like what I am doing, (but) I doubt wisdom was utilised there. Because I learnt lessons from him, I just wanted to take precautionary measures. I didn't go alone. I asked the police to accompany me. I asked him if he would mind me taking somebody with me. I got two police officers to come along, with his permission. At the same time, (it was agreed that) he drive in my car, and the police escorted me because that was his wish," he said.

He encouraged citizens to let the law take its course and not automatically assume that Campbell is guilty.

Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams, in a statement yesterday, expressed appreciation for what he called "Bishop Edwards' sound actions in handing over Campbell". He stated that more of efforts like those were needed to continue the fight against crime.

"Bishop Edwards' actions demonstrate the strong partnership between the police and the clergy, one that is needed in the continued fight against crime," he said.