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Suspect in JC student's murder charged after turning self in

Published:Monday | October 31, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

Quacie Hart, the man who was wanted in connection with the death of 14-year-old Jamaica College student Nicholas Francis, has been charged with murder, and the police have confirmed that he also currently has an illegal-possession-of-firearm case before the court.

Hart turned himself in to the Half-Way Tree police on Saturday night, accompanied by his attorney, Adrian Christie.

He was charged yesterday and is expected to be placed before the court on November 4 in relation to the matter.

Hart will go back to court to answer to the charge of illegal possession of firearm on January 17.

"We can now say that Quacie Hart is now charged for the murder of the JC student," Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the police's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), told The Gleaner yesterday.

"He will go to court on November 4. He had a matter before the court prior to this, an illegal possession of firearm matter. He was on bail on that matter. He goes back to court (for illegal firearm possession) on January 17," she said.

Despite the breakthrough, Nicholas' father, Xavier Francis, told The Gleaner that no matter what the outcome of the case, it will not erase the reality that his son was killed and will no longer be with him in flesh.


"To be honest, if them hold him, yes or no, in terms of what him do and what me miss, it nuh appease mi, because mi son gone over nothing at all. Dat a my problem," he said yesterday.

"When me talk to the policeman, mi ask him, if (when) you catch a man like that, how long him will get (in prison). Him seh bout 20 years. Me add 20 (years) to maybe 25 or 24 and him a go be 'bout 45, 44. Him can come out back and come live life. My son life just gone suh! Only thing me want out a this, is that we as a people (must) realise seh we need fi stand up. We need fi stand up fi people weh cya stand up fi dem self."

Jamaica College Parent-Teacher Association President Errol Holmes told The Gleaner he was a bit relieved by the progress.

"God has been good ... . At least we have started the process and we are hoping that we can have swift and just justice," Holmes said.

In the meantime, the police have confirmed that they have held three persons in connection with the murder of Young Reggae Boyz team doctor, Martin Garwood.

Lindsay could not provide much detail, noting that the investigation was ongoing, but said that the development is a major breakthrough.