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Fun with food

Published:Saturday | November 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMTickoya Joseph
Hidden talents came alive as patrons vied for prizes and surprises.
Kadien Reid tries her best to win a bottle of Gleaner-branded wine at Boardwalk Bistro.
After serenading the audience with an original Restaurant Week song, Kimmorn Forrester collected her Gleaner- sponsored prizes.
Fun and games at A-Bar as host Elva Ruddock teases audience members with the prizes.
”Ummm ... can you use it in a sentence, please?”
Birthday girl Shanay Richards is all smiles as she collects her wine from RW Ambassador Marlon Campbell at 100 Hope Road.
Guests at A-Bar Restaurant and Bar were in for a treat as host Elva Ruddock handed out goodies courtesy of The Gleaner.
"That is correct!" RW Ambassador Marlon Campbell (left) plays the guessing game with patrons Christian Burke (centre) and Sequoia Johnson at 100 Hope Road.

Imagine being on the perfect date, basking in the ambience, enjoying great company, occasionally trying to hide your emotions with nervous giggles, and thinking all is well with the world.

The waiter shows up at the table with the menu. You accept it gracefully. Then, one glance, and everything comes crashing down. The butterflies that were happily fluttering in your stomach become terrifying knots. Your palms begin to sweat and all the colour drains from your face, leaving you as pale as a ghost.

The Gleaner's Pop-up Team visited several restaurants in and around Kingston and Ocho Rios during Restaurant Week and asked diners to pronounce different words in an effort to win special Gleaner goody bags. There was endless laughter as persons struggled to put syllables together, while others gave life to lifeless letters. Persons were adamant that they knew the correct pronunciation, but upon trusted consultation, accepted that they had been saying the wrong things all along.