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Holness says human rights will be protected

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reiterated the Government's commitment to protecting the human rights of Jamaicans and to reducing the country's crime rate.

The prime minister noted that representatives from Amnesty International were in the island recently, and he reassured them that the country stands committed to protecting, preserving and advancing human rights in Jamaica. He maintained that "we are not going to, in any way, change the course that we are on in terms of the maintenance of human rights".

He was speaking at the launch of The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, held at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Andrew on Thursday.

"Though crime is a challenge, our response will not be with more violence. Law and order, decency and respect for our citizens will overcome criminality in this country, and the Government is committed to that path," Holness said.

He further noted that a comprehensive programme is being developed to address the issue of violence in the society.

"The Government has to start with the institutions over which it has leverage and control, so the State should not endorse or use violence as a normalised tool of control over its citizens," he argued.

"Our police force must never be seen as a purveyor of violence against its citizens, and we are going to change that. Our State homes must not be perceived as purveyors of violence against our children. Our schools must not be seen as purveyors of violence against our children," Holness emphasised.