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Fidel Castro: World leaders react

Published:Sunday | November 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In this May 14, 2002 file photo, former US President Jimmy Carter (right), accompanied by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, warms up before throwing the first pitch in an all-star baseball game at the Latin American Stadium in Havana, Cuba. Castro has died at age 90. President Raul Castro said on state television that his older brother died late last Friday.
In this December 11, 1995 file photo, Cuba's leader Fidel Castro (center), wearing a Viet Cong hat and checkered scarf, samples root fibers, the staple food of Vietnamese living in the underground tunnel network during the Vietnam War, in Vietnam. The man sitting next to Castro is an unidentified Vietnam war veteran who was based at Cu Chi and was acting as one of Castro's guides. Former President Fidel Castro, who led a rebel army to improbable victory in Cuba, embraced Soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 US presidents during his half century rule, has died at age 90. The bearded revolutionary, who survived a crippling US trade embargo as well as dozens, possibly hundreds, of assassination plots, died eight years after ill health forced him to formally hand power over to his younger brother Raul, who announced his death late last Friday, on state television.


BARACK OBAMA, United States President:


While discord and profound political disagreements marked the relationship between the United States and Cuba for nearly six decades, Americans are extending a hand of friendship to the Cuban people during their time of grief. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.


DONALD TRUMP, United States President-elect:


Fidel Castro is dead! ... A brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. He left a legacy of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.


VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russian President:


A sincere and reliable friend of Russia who had built an inspiring example for many countries and nations.


XI JINPING, Chinese President:


Castro made immortal historical contributions to the development of socialism around the world. With his death, the Chinese people have lost a close comrade and a sincere friend. His glorious image and great achievements will be recorded in history forever.




In a telegram to Cuban President Raul Castro: "My sense of grief to Your Excellency and family."


JUSTIN TRUDEAU, Canadian Prime Minister:


While a controversial figure, both Mr Castro's supporters and detractors recognised his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for 'el Comandante'.


NICOLAS MADURO, Venezuelan President:


Sixty years after the 'Granma' sailed from Mexico, Fidel sails toward the immortality of all those who fight their whole lives. Onward to victory, always!


ALEXIS TSIPRAS, Greek Prime Minister:


Goodbye, Commandante until the people's eternal victory.


ENRIQUE PENA NIETO, Mexican President:


Fidel Castro was a friend of Mexico, promoting bilateral relations based on respect, dialogue and solidarity.


SALVADOR SANCHEZ CEREN, El Salvador President: 


Deep sorrow for my friend and eternal companion, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz.


MOSES NAGAMOOTOO, Guyanese Prime Minister: 


His and Cuba's contribution to humanity and the Caribbean are unmatched by any other nation in terms of brotherly and sisterly relations. He was an international gift to humanity.


BAN KI-MOON, United Nations Secretary-General:


Under former President Castro, Cuba made advances in the fields of education, literacy and health. I hope Cuba will continue to advance on a path of reform and greater prosperity.


IRWIN LAROCQUE, Caricom Secretary-General:


President Castro's commitment to assist developing countries through the sharing of his country's skills and expertise made him a treasured friend of the Caribbean Community.

PAUL RYAN, United States House Speaker:

Any remembrances should be reserved for the memory and sacrifices of all those who have suffered under the Castros. Now that Fidel Castro is dead, the cruelty and oppression of his regime should die with him.