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Death of family shocks, angers Manchester community

Published:Monday | December 5, 2016 | 12:10 AMTamara Bailey
Lina Powell
Delroy Powell
Lissette Powell

Craighead, Manchester:

 The Powell household in Manchester had been filled with the love of a mother, son and daughter, but last Friday, at approximately 9 p.m., they were all cut down and left as charred remains among the rubble of what was once a happy home.
Lina Powell, her daughter, Lissette Powell, and her son, Delroy Powell, were all hardworking farmers and firm believers in God. No one expected them to die under such tragic  circumstances.
According to residents, gunshots were heard in the vicinity of the home, but it was only after the house was seen engulfed in flames that an alarm was made.
However, by the time the fire services reached the scene, all had perished.
"Lissette was a very ardent follower of my ministry. Anywhere I would be doing ministry in Manchester, once she was available to come, she would be there," Evangelist Carlton Daley told The Gleaner.
"Just two weeks ago, she told me she already bought her conference clothes for next weekend ... . She was very God-fearing, very respectable, she loved people and she was just a wonderful soul."
The Powells' usual trip to a Monday morning fasting and prayer service has now ceased forever and those who cherished their company have been left with a void.
"The family and I go way back. We used to work in the coffee fields, [when I was] a child. On a weekend, my mother would take me out to the fields with them ... . On a Monday, we would meet at the Pilgrim Union Church in Christiana for fasting service," said family friend Renaldo Dempster.
Dempster further described them as "kind-hearted persons, very warm individuals who knew how to treat people in that regard".
He said they were very Christ-oriented.
"When I heard about the incident, I kept wondering who could have done such a wicked act. I couldn't even sleep. They never deserved this death; not at all."
The police had reported in the early stages of the investigations that the origin of the fire was unknown. However, the matter is now being treated as a suspected case of murder-arson.