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New MoBay mayor vows to complete sale of Bogue lands

Published:Friday | December 9, 2016 | 1:23 PMChristopher Thomas


Councillor Homer Davis, the newly installed chairman of the St James Municipal Corporation and mayor of Montego Bay, has vowed to complete the sale of lands in the controversial Bogue Industrial Terrace, a task his predecessors had failed to accomplish.

"There is a very long-standing issue that former mayors Noel Donaldson, Charles Sinclair and Glendon Harris have fought with, but I am committing to you, the citizens of this parish, that I will conclude the sale of the Bogue lands in my tenure as mayor of this city," Davis declared in his address at the official swearing-in of the members of his administration at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre's town hall in Sam Sharpe Square on Thursday.

"It is a prime piece of real estate, and the last time an evaluation was done, it was shown that after infrastructure development, the council could realise close to $5 million (from the property), and we will have to get what is belonging to us," said Davis.

The Bogue Industrial Estate property, which sits adjacent the Fairview commercial complex in south eastern Montego Bay, was first developed as an automotive node for streetside garages, but with subdivision delayed, the land was taken over by commercial squatters.

Political infighting

The land has been the subject of political infighting in the past, including a period in 2003 when the Ministry of Local Government blocked an attempt by the St James Parish Council, then led by Noel Donaldson, to subdivide and sell the property.

Speaking further on the Bogue lands issue, Davis said that he will seek to make arrangements with the persons who currently inhabit the property.

"We are not seeking to get rid of anyone who is now occupying that property; we will work with them, but if they cannot pay, then we will have to say 'bye-bye' and let somebody else take it," said Davis.