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Gee Wiz, it's Christmas!

Published:Thursday | December 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Liguanea Farm and Garden store with its palms giving a pleasing entrance to everything Christmas and ideas of how you can decorate your own trees at home.
A section of Twin Gates Plaza in all its brilliance.
A roundabout in Edgewater, Portmore. You cannot help but feel Christmas with this tree.
Stella Maris Church with Christmas lights and greetings.
Inside the St William Grant Park, downtown, Kingston, a tree reminding all of the season to be jolly.
Magic! Check it out on Hope Road in St Andrew.
Deck the halls? Or is it deck the walls? This is a side wall of the Brooklyn Supermarket.
Another section of Tropical Plaza on display.
The Mall Plaza, Constant Spring Road.
A house in Hamilton Gardens Portmore all lit up.
Stella Maris Church's message, up front.

The space in the shopping plazas is getting tighter. But that could be any holiday shopping. The cars, buses, and even pedestrians on their cell phones jockey for space on the roads, but that could be our general indiscipline. The lights around the city of Kingston all declare one message, however: it's Christmas time!

Have you put up your tree or other lighting as yet? Or are you like this woman who, on seeing her neighbour's elaborate display of lights and not being able to keep up with this Mrs Jones, placed a single decoration on her house. It was an arrow pointing to her neighbour's house saying 'ditto'.

If you think that your Christmas lighting is jaw-dropping, ohhhh, aaah, spectacular, we would like to help you to show it off. Take a picture and send it in to us at

Meanwhile, here are some that our photographer snapped across the capital city as well as in Portmore, St Catherine.