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My vision for KPH

Published:Thursday | December 15, 2016 | 12:03 AM
Dr Linberg Simpson
Shamel Powell
Dr Naydene williams
Dr Natalie Whylie
Dr Guyan Channer
Maxine Allen

What's your vision for the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) in the next 10 years? That is a question that The Gleaner put to some doctors and staff in administration there. They said:

Dr Naydene Williams, head of the Gastroenterology Unit

"My vision for this hospital is that the respect and the regard and the almost reverence with which people used to refer to KPH will be restored; that our capacity will be so strengthened that we will be able to be a centre of excellence with respect to research and also be a place of choice to access medical care."

Maxine Allen, head of administration

"My vision for KPH over the next 10 years is not just to have a strategic plan which exists on paper, but one that is able to provide my team and colleagues with the necessary resources to make them function as a First-World country."

Dr Natalie Whylie, senior medical officer

"The Ministry of Health has developed a 10-year strategic plan, and certainly, KPH is an important part of it. This must involve an expansion of our existing infrastructure in line with the changing needs of the epidemiology of the diseases that the Jamaican people are facing."

Dr Linberg Simpson, acting head of surgery

"My vision for KPH in 10 years time is that we will continue the good work we are known for in emergency surgeries, whether general surgery and otherwise. My desire is that we will also be able to build out our capacity for elective surgery, where there is timely access to equipment for vascular treatment, for spine surgeries, where there is no delay for neurological procedures and equipment is not an issue."

Shamel Powell, acting manager of physiotherapy services, KPH-Victoria Jubilee Hospital

"I want to see an institution that offers care in the most modern of settings, in terms of resources, technology, just about everything. I envision that this institution will move beyond just providing care that's parallel to other institutions, but superseding that. I don't envision us just catching up, but providing more."

Dr Guyan Channer, ENT surgery

"When I think of KPH, I actually think of John Hopkins (Hospital, United States). Persons may say that's strange, but at John Hopkins, the environment is no different from the environment at KPH. At John Hopkins they were focused on their vision to maintain the hospital and strive to be the best that they can be instead of being sidetracked by the peripheral things. My vision, therefore, is not just one in 10 or 20 years time, my vision is one where even right now we steer the course."