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Vendors to be registered for Christmas in MoBay

Published:Friday | December 16, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas

Western Bureau:

Montego Bay's mayor, Councillor Homer Davis, has announced that come next week, a registration system will be implemented for higglers to ply their trade along several streets in the western city that have been designated for vending during the Christmas period.

Davis, who is also chairman of the St James Municipal Corporation, made the announcement during a press conference at the corporation building on Wednesday.

"We will be looking at some designated streets for some vending to take place during the Christmas period, but come December 31, all these designated streets will revert to their original state. So what will be done by the commercial services (of the corporation) is that there will be a registration for these vendors, and I am hoping the registration will start about next week Tuesday," said Davis.

"I have spoken with the person in charge of commercial services, and we have agreed that each registered and paid-up vendor will be issued with an armband," Davis added.

Addressing the issue of vending on the streets of Montego Bay in general, Davis said that he would seek to hold dialogue with the vendors to provide them with better locations to sell their goods, and, in particular, to see what repairs could be done to the Charles Gordon Market.




"We will have to sit with the vendors to work out a solution because they cannot continue to be on the streets as they are. I am very passionate about seeing to our people who are making an honest living. A number of these higglers are from rural communities in St James, and they do not move from Niagara district to the Charles Gordon Market to create problems. They are there to ply their provisions to make a living and send their children to school," said Davis.

"Concerning the Charles Gordon Market, based on information coming to me, a number of the structural beams are compromised, and there is a long-standing issue as it relates to the roofing," Davis added. "We will be visiting the market to look at the existing defects and to make the necessary requests to the Ministry of Local Government for the necessary funding to be made available so those two evident defects can be dealt with."

During the installation ceremony for his administration in the St James Municipal Corporation on December 8, Davis pledged to find better accommodations for vendors in Montego Bay.

The municipal corporation has long had to contend with vendors who defy the law and sell their goods on the streets and sidewalks of Montego Bay instead of in officially designated vending areas, even with anti-vending measures, which the previous administration of the corporation had put in place earlier this year.