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Portland police seize 3,000 pounds of ganja believed to be destined for Haiti

Published:Friday | December 23, 2016 | 7:56 AM

The police believe they have prevented dozens of guns from entering Jamaica with the seizure of 3,000 pounds of compressed ganja during an operation at White River in Portland on Wednesday night.

They believe the weed, which has a street value of approximately $15 million was destined for the infamous drugs for guns trade between local fishermen and their counterparts in Haiti.

The weed was found in a shack about 11:30 during a special operation conducted by the police.

The police say 21 bags of compressed ganja were recovered during the raid, and two men, who are believed to be major players in the drugs for gun trade, were taken into custody.

Commanding officer for Portland, Deputy Superintendent of Police Rex Swearing says with the seizure, the police have prevented dozens of guns from entering Jamaica’s shores.

He says the police will be stepping up their campaign against those involved in illegal activities and other forms of crime.