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Hobby becomes business venture for veterinary scientist

Published:Wednesday | January 4, 2017 | 12:37 AMTamara Bailey
All groomed and possibly posing for the camera?
Andrew Cordington
Dog grooming in progress.
This little cutie is well groomed and resting.
Andrew Cordington, animal health technician.

At the age of 12, Andrew Codrington, who had a deep love for animals, thought it would do him well to transfer that love into an entrepreneurial opportunity, but he was laughed at and said to be crazy when he told his family about the idea.

Fast-forward to the present. Codrington has established himself as a veterinary scientist and is the owner and operator of Aicodogz, a facility in Manchester that offers grooming and training to dogs.

“When I was 12 years old, I used to bathe dogs, groom them, wash kennels and even do obedience training. I started from in my little community with a guy named Danny Chambers. I used to find people who needed these services and [would] do it.”

Codrington recounted, “When I told my parents, they laughed. They thought I was crazy, but I knew it was something that I would have done because of my passion. I use to catch lizards and pretend as if I was operating on them as a kid. I just love it!”


But this animal lover says it was never about the money; it was always about the passion. This passion saw him completing an associate degree in veterinary science after he migrated to the United States. He now holds the position of animal health technician for the parish of Manchester.

“I have been doing this for roughly 35 years, both here in Jamaica and when I lived in the US. But while the clientele has grown here, it still doesn’t compare to the US because some people here are different when it comes on to animals,” he said.

He added: “But it’s the love for the animals that allows me to continue. When I go to the supermarket, I take up dog food first. I’ts just the passion. I work with the ministry, and if they call me in the wee hours of the night, I am up and ready. For some people, drinking and gambling excite them, but animals excite me.”

Codrington says atop the list of persons most proud of his achievements is his mother, who is extremely supportive of this venture.

“I always tell people to put God in your life. Once you put God first, everything comes easily and comes naturally. Pray and God will guide you accordingly,” he said.

For dog grooming and training services, contact Aicodogz at (876) 370-8054. Email: