Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Seprod flag blunder arouses passionate responses from Jamaicans

Published:Saturday | January 7, 2017 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott

A number of Jamaicans have reacted passionately to a Gleaner report earlier this week which revealed that the container package of the popular Chiffon soft margarine had an inaccurate replica of the Jamaican flag.

Many have confessed that they had to do a Google search to ascertain the correct arrangement of the flag as the error was not apparent to them.

Some did not find it to be a 'big deal' that the flag was misrepresented, while others felt that is was poor of Jamaicans not to be able to recognise an error in the arrangement of colours on the flag.

On the Gleaner's Facebook page, Verna Gray argued that most Jamaicans do not educate themselves about the history of Jamaica, important issues, rights and symbols.


No big deal


But Kaniel Cole questioned if the misplacement of the flag was a 'big deal'.

He said: "It not like it was Christopher Martin who did it. [A lot] of us did not even know where the colours should go."

Worine Samuels rebutted: "If you respect your country, it is a big deal. This company has been doing business before I was born. I think it's a big deal and it is very disrespectful to colour the flag incorrectly. We need to stop let this slide. That's why the beautiful country in the position it is in now."

Maria Smith added: "The problem with so many Jamaicans is that we don't know what to take seriously, and laugh off. It should be a big deal because Brand Jamaica is a big deal or should be a big deal to us."

She further questioned: "If a company claims to represent Brand Jamaica, how ridiculous is it that it doesn't even know what the flag looks like?"

On Twitter, @londuemurray tweeted: "What is sad about the Seprod thing is that they didn't use a local company to handle their packaging and branding."

Most conglomerates don't take Brand Jamaica seriously. The Seprod scenarios shows the level of confidence they have in local manufacturing.

Seprod, the manufacturer of Chiffon, has since apologised for the blunder and has promised to improve their branding in the coming months.