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Taxi operator disobeyed the police – gunshot victim

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas
Taxi cab

While admitting under cross-examination that the driver of the taxi in which she was travelling when she was shot had disobeyed an order from the police to stop, Janice Hines, who was pregnant at the time of the incident, yesterday intimated that there was no justifiable reason for the shooting.

In giving her account of the January 2016 incident, which resulted in the arrest and charge of Senior Superintendent of Police Anthony Castelle and District Constable Rohan McIntosh, Hines told the St James Parish Court that while the driver was trying to evade the police, she heard blaring sirens and then gunshots.

"I heard sirens from behind, and I looked through the back glass and saw a white Jeep with a blue siren on, and then the driver started to drive faster. After that, the car I was in started to climb the Mount Salem hill when I heard explosions from behind," Hines said during her evidence-in-chief.

"Did you know what the explosions were?" prosecutor Yanique Henry asked Hines, to which she answered, "Yes, gunshots."

Road Traffic act breach

Under cross-examination from Castelle's attorney Althea Grant and McIntosh's attorney Stacy-Ann Williams, Hines acknowledged that the taxi driver committed a breach of the Road Traffic Act by not stopping when instructed to do so by Transport Authority personnel and the police.

"At Westgate (where the chase

started), did it appear to you as if a spot check was being conducted that

morning?" attorney Grant asked Hines, to which she answered, "Yes."

"Did he (taxi driver) speed up after the Transport Authority person stopped him?" attorney Williams asked, to which Hines responded, "A little."

"Wouldn't you agree with me that the driver was operating the motor vehicle in a dangerous manner that morning?" attorney Williams questioned, to which Hines also responded, "Yes."

Following Hines's testimony, presiding judge Natalie Hart-Hines set the trial for continuation on January 30 and extended Castelle's and McIntosh's bails to that date. The judge also issued subpoenas for two civilian witnesses to appear in court at that time.