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Emerging Entrepreneurs | Deandra Chung: Championing legal causes

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMSyranno Baines
Deandra Chung in her office.


Aiming to give leverage to the average Jamaican who is injured or wronged in any sort of accident, 28-year-old entrepreneur Deandra Chung founded Complete Accident Support (CAS) almost four years ago.

The St Catherine native currently serves as managing director for the company she started in February 2012.

CAS provides legal financing and support services to persons involved in motor vehicle and on-the-job accidents, as well as slip-and-fall incidents in private spaces. CAS also guides the process to acquire necessary documentation.

An upfront fee isn't required and clients repay only if a financial award is given.

"I always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and being an inspiration to others, especially young people who aspire to make a difference in their communities.

"I've realised that persons are willing to give up their legal rights because they lack funding to pay expenses associated with the legal process. As a result, I created the company to assist the average person bridge that gap and put the pieces back together," Chung told The Gleaner.

A past student of McGrath High School, Chung attended Excelsior Community College, where she studied for associate and bachelor's degrees in tourism and hospitality management.

Equipped with just a dream and business plan at 23 years old, a family friend invested in CAS by financing the company's short-term operational needs such as its utilities.

In turn, Chung provided administrative services to repay the loan within six months.

CAS now has a full staff complement of qualified permanent and contracted workers.

The services offered by CAS are sought far and wide, inclusive of persons residing outside Kingston and Manchester.

Track icon Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce serves as great inspiration for Chung, as a young female who made sacrifices to achieve her lifelong goals.

"Her exemplary character and ambitions are just two of many reasons that compel me to emulate her," Chung stated.




The first vice-president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association, she has set sail to a foreseeable future in the field.

"Being an entrepreneur is like a roller-coaster ride; one minute it's fun and exciting, the other challenging. Whenever you feel like quitting, always remember why you started. I love what I do. The range of services we offer at CAS is quite fulfilling. The legal dynamics of the business, to the one-on-one interaction with clients and the eventual satisfaction you see when they are successful, is very rewarding and builds me further."

CAS's head office is located at 7 Eureka Crescent, Cross Roads, Kingston 5. A branch is also located at Suite 44, 251/2 Caledonia Road, Mandeville, Manchester.

In lending her expertise to upcoming, young owners of businesses, Chung told The Gleaner: "To all entrepreneurial aspirants, your accomplishments are greater when you pursue what you love. Understand that with any business venture, it takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Believe that you can and achieve it, one goal at a time."



Chung's and CAS's achievements


- In January 2017, a complete accident support client was given a landmark settlement in damages, which she said was for the first-ever successful cancer trial in the history of Jamaica.

- Being awarded member of the year and elected first vice-president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association. To be seen as a leader and a source of strength and inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

- Launch of the Brother's Keeper Initiative where CAS, along with its clients, donates used medical equipment to other clients who are not able to purchase these items.




- Continue to nurture CAS and its growth as it approaches a milestone of five years.

- Be more involved in community outreach programmes.

- Continue to satisfy and even go beyond the needs of clients.

Contact info:

Telephone: 876-754-2266; 877-7370

Email: claimformyaccident@gmail.com