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Falmouth pastor ready to march on Municipal Corporation - Says he'll no longer be silent about mentally ill

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMLeon Jackson

Western Bureau:

The Reverend Junior Rutty, pastor of the Falmouth-based Agape Christian Fellowship in Trelawny, says he is ready to lead a march on the Trelawny Municipal Corporation to force it to deal with mentally ill people roaming the resort town.

While speaking at Sunday's funeral for Joyce Gomez, the 71-year-old pensioner who was recently slaughtered by a mentally ill man just outside the Falmouth Post Office, Rutty said the Church was no longer prepared to remain silent on the matter.

"Let us march into the capital, let us march to Water Square, to the seat of power," said Rutty. "The mayor is on record as saying that the municipal council has land where a halfway house can be built to get the people of unsound mind off the streets.

"Rosa Parks sat down and the civil rights movement was born in the United States," continued Rutty. "Martin Luther King marched and it opened the door for (Barack) Obama to become president of the United States. I am ready to lead from the front in a march that will make Mayor (Colin) Gager keep his word.

"Bruce (a Trelawny taxi operator) was beheaded (by a man of unsound mind) and buried without his head ever being found," continued Rutty. "Joyce was slaughtered by a madman and Ersel Creary (the man whose machete was used to commit the crime) is afraid of coming to Falmouth because of what he saw happening to Joyce.

"Are we going to wait for another gruesome murder before something tangible is done?" asked Rutty. "Come on, Church, let us leave the pews and get on the streets of Falmouth and let our voices and actions spur the authorities to do something before another heinous murder is committed by another of those mad persons roaming the streets of this historic town. We have to be a change agent."

In the service, which was held at the Falmouth New Testament Church of God, Gomez was eulogised as a woman of kindness.