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'Drunk on power' - Acting commish blasts cop caught on video in vulgar 'sexual' act

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott
A still image from the video.

Acting Police Commissioner Novelette Grant has responded to a shocking and outrageous video that has surfaced, featuring a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) entertaining a woman's simulation of a sex act on his M-16 rifle.

In the less-than-10-second video, the woman can be seen using her tongue to encircle the lower section, including the muzzle of the gun, while the policeman watched in contempt for the rules of the force that prohibit such behaviour.

During the video, the woman, whose face is clearly visible, was being instructed by another female to "go down" on the dangerous weapon.

In response, Grant condemned the act and rebuked the officer who she said was "drunk on power".

"This act of [simulated] fellatio on the M-16 rifle of an officer on duty who permitted it is another example of blatant disregard for the office of constable and what it means," Grant told senior police personnel in an email, a copy of which The Gleaner has obtained.

The acting commissioner, who is on a 90-day stint, said the policeman demonstrated how members of the force can be seduced by persons of questionable character, leading them to being accused and charged with sexual assault.

She further said such a reckless display was a betrayal of 'Team JCF'.

"We are the police, and this shameful conduct is unworthy of the person (s) involved. This is conduct we expect from criminals, not the police," charged Grant, once tasked with overseeing the administration portfolio of the JCF.

The acting commissioner called for the men in uniform to change their ways, while warning that cops who continue to act contrary to rules of the force would be caught.

"Men and women of integrity, how long will you allow these persons to rob us of our dignity and respect?" the commissioner-candidate questioned in her missive to subordinates.


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Up to press time yesterday, Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay, in charge of the Constabulary's Corporate Communications Unit, said the police could identify neither the policeman or the woman sighted in a lewd video in which a simulated sex act is performed on the lawman's M-16 rifle.

Lindsay said, however, that an investigation would be conducted, beginning with further scrutiny of the video.

Lindsay also could not say what, if any, actions could be taken against the officer.

According to Section 36 of the Firearms Act, a firearm licence holder is guilty of an offence for failing to adequately secure a firearm or ammunition.

The force also prohibits officers from allowing civilians from interfacing with weapons.

As for the female appearing in the video, Section 27 of the Constabulary Force Act states that any person who has in their possession arms, ammunition and other appointments furnished for the use of the JCF can be sentenced to three months in prison or be made to pay a fine of $20.