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Muslims weigh in on flare-up of violence against women, children

Published:Saturday | February 18, 2017 | 12:00 AMSyranno Baines
From left: Wade Brown, Dawah committee member; Sheikh Musa Tijani, director and head of education for the Islamic Council of Jamaica (ICJ); and Taariq Abdul-Majeed, media liaison officer, ICJ, speak during the Islam Awareness Week Lecture at the Kingston Central Masjid on Camp Road, St Andrew, yesterday.

Cohesive family structures and greater consultative efforts on the part of the Government is what is needed to remedy the upsurge in violence against women and children in particular, according to high-ranking members of the local Muslim community.

"A breakdown in society typically leads back to a breakdown in the family. The long-term solution is education from the cradle going up, for boys especially, and as a people. In these times of social disorder, we must return to family ties and begin showing the importance of family bonds," said Taariq Abdul-Majeed, media liaison officer of the Islamic Council of Jamaica (ICJ) yesterday, as the ICJ celebrates Islam Awareness Week.

The theme for the ten-day event, which seeks to offer solutions to social woes plaguing the country, is 'Returning to Our Roots', with emphasis placed on it being a campaign of information as opposed to conversion.




Abdul-Majeed added: "In Islam, the approach is called 'shura', which means consultation. The Government needs a more comprehensive approach as it relates to consulting with business, community and relief organisations in addition to religious bodies. Crime affects everyone and it has left a void in the society. Lack of proper parenting and poverty are known factors that encourage persons to do acts they would not have done if not hungry or in a state of need."

He also stressed that if national linkages were not forged with stakeholders, then laws would not serve as a sufficient deterrent to crime.

Weighing in on the topical issue, director of the ICJ, Sheikh Musa Tijani, lamented the crucial role of leaders of Government to take highly the words of their followers on topics of a social nature.

Muslim Week culminates tomorrow at the Jamaica Conference Centre, with Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick, a historian and social activist from Canada, delivering the keynote address.