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Long-awaited DNA regulation could be approved in six weeks

Published:Tuesday | March 14, 2017 | 5:32 PM
National Security Minister Robert Montague

National Security Minister Robert Montague has hinted that Parliament could approve the long-awaited DNA Regulation within six weeks.

According to Montague, some US$146,000 is being approved for the purchase of equipment and training of personnel for the establishment of a DNA Registry.

The security minister, who was speaking at the handing over of a new Bullettrax System for the Forensic Institute earlier today, said the equipment should arrive in the island within six weeks and the Parliament should have approved the DNA Regulation by then.

The DNA Regulation will allow for the DNA Registry to be populated.

The new Bullettrax System for the Forensic Institute is funded by the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, as part of a two-year technical assistance package.

It will complement the Integrated Ballistics Identification System that was recently acquired for the Forensic Institute.

The Bullettrax System will allow the Forensic Institute to capture digital images of bullet surfaces, match these images in a database, suggest potential matches with other bullets, and bolster the Forensic Institute's capability to collect information from ammunition.

The acquisition of new equipment for the Forensic Institute forms part of the government's thrust to make greater use of science and technology in the fight against crime.