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Principal calls for road safety measures after death of student

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Principal Victor Dixon High Orchid Smith
Amelia Willis
Students wrote letters to Amelia

Mandeville, Manchester:

As the students and teachers of Victor Dixon High School in Manchester mourn the passing of 14-year-old student Amelia Willis, who was hit by a taxi last Friday, principal Orchid Smith believes this accident could have been avoided if proper road-safety features were in place.

"The school has called for a number of measures to be put in place to assist our students, but we are yet to see them. The safety of our students is of paramount importance and we have asked for a pedestrian crossing, stop lights, there needs to be a speed-limit sign, and a school zone sign, so that the traffic is bound to obey," Smith uttered.

Amelia, a second-former at the institution, was crossing the road close to the intersection of Manchester Road and May Day Road when a taxi travelling in the opposite direction hit her. The impact flung her in the air and she landed on another vehicle.

She was rushed to hospital in critical condition and later that day succumbed to her injuries.

"Amelia was a sweet student. Right now, the entire school is engulfed in tremendous grief and we are coping, but we are in deep pain," said Smith.

The mood at the institution was sombre on Monday as grief counsellors from the Ministry of Education and members of the Psychology Department at Northern Caribbean University sought to comfort the school community.

The principal said she was hopeful that, in light of the numerous accidents that have occurred in the vicinity in the past, as well as this latest fatality, the authorities will do what is necessary to prevent a recurrence.

"It's sad to think, but we are still hoping that some good may come of it, because Amelia Willis was a beautiful child, a lovely student, and we are saddened that she has passed in this manner," said Smith.