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Critics growl at pastor for 'blessing' pets in church

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 4:40 PM
Rector and rural dean of Kingston,The Reverend Sean Major-Campbell, holds a ball python

The rector of the Christ Church, Vineyard Town, Rev Sean Major-Campbell is facing a social media backlash for his decision to allow pets in his pews yesterday at a special service involving the Jamaica Veterinary Medical Association and the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Snakes, birds, turtles, dogs and other animals were sprinkled with holy water at the east Kingston-based Anglican church, as the controversial pastor sought to bless them.

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But it's the embracing of snakes, associated with evil from a Biblical perspective, which has irked some followers the most.

Here are a few of the comments from Facebook:

Animals don’t need blessings. They are the only ones that have remained the way God made them. Pray for the pastors who stand in the pulpit preaching to people and committing sins. This man must be drunk.
- Evadne Burke

What am I reading about here? We have sunk to a new low in the church. With all the murders in Jamaica shouldn't they have gone into some of these inner city communities and pray and talk to the youths. We brought our what to church?
- Colin Orlando Bennett

The only thing I will say about this is, animals, insects and reptiles heard the voice of God and obeyed, and went into Noah’s Ark and were spared death. So what about us humans who possess souls and the greater ability to obey God?
- Donald Thompson

The pastor and that congregation need to be locked up. Sooner or later a new type of obeah and voodoo will be unleashed in Jamaica. There are different types of people who are let in Jamaica and everything that we had went out the window. May God have mercy.
- Del Brown

So, this happened at my Church in Kingston yesterday, and, judging by The Gleaner comments, many people are having a fit! Yesterday was Diocesan Children's Sunday, and we were joined by members of the Jamaica Veterinary Medical Association, hence the invitation to bring pets to church.
- Bertram BlackRaven Gayle

It is unfortunate we don't see how close our children (and adults) are to their pets
- Kay Cee

All dem sumn yah now, church literally gone to the dogs.
- Bertram BlackRaven Gayle

From I bought The Gleaner this morning I can't stop laughing, in a serious way, the coming of the Lord is at hand, every type of darkness is now being exposed, and this is one.
- Dianne Nanan

This is the height of foolishness, God is not to be mocked, pastor.
- Antonette Patterson-Steer

No judgement here... remember God is still in control.
- Gopal Allen

Pastor, you should be ashamed of yourself and what you are doing to the house of the Lord.
- DI Kidd

Some of these comments reiterate the stupidity of some people. People pray for money, house, car, education, to find husband and wife ... but my pet cat and dog, worst snake? Hell no!! That's just unchristian-like/pagan right? The pastor is defacing the temple! Flipping irrational dunce! Focus on your bible and stop watch people.
- Alex Preces Reid

To be truthful, I see no criminal or offensive action here. 'To each his own' if what they are doing brings dem happiness. Better yet, they are not rubbing it in your faces or disturbing you. If 'we' don't have anything good or positive to say... Mek 'wi' keep wi negative thoughts to 'ourselves nuh'. If yuh don't eat bread stay far from bakery.
- Step Lite 

 No wonder disaster a reach the church them so much as of lately for the church has lost its way. Praying for animals inside the church? What about the hopeless and the homeless?
- Marie Ann

I like animals. Dogs are my favourite but having people bringing their pets to church to be 'blessed' what is that all about? What goal is hoped to achieve? I would say it's just for fun. Do you know that some pastors turn away babies because their parents are not married? God wants us to love one another, respect authority, revere the One True Creator, be kind and be true.
- Joycelyn Robinson