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Greater Portmore residents welcome community facelift

Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 12:30 AMRasbert Turner
Councillor Vanrick Preddie (left) helping to build the wall adjoining the Hellshire main road in Portmore, St Catherine.

Residents and visitors using the Fourth Street entrance to Greater Portmore in St Catherine will do so with more aesthetic value, following the erection of a concrete sign adjoining the Hellshire main road.

This was made possible through efforts of Councillor Vanrick Preddie, Hellshire division, Portmore Municipal Council (PMC).

"I am at home at 4East and find it difficult to direct my friends to my house, but with this new sign it will be much easier," Michaelia Thompson said.

Her sentiments were echoed by other residents who said that the wall will make the way inside the community more welcoming.

"I find it necessary, as there are the need for proper signs, and even before I was elected councillor, I know that it will help to better access the communities in a timely manner, as the sign will be bright and bold for all to see," Preddie said.

Endorsed by the PMC, the newly elected councillor said the project is well-received by the community, which is set to cost about $600,000. There will also be a small green area near the entrance that will be properly maintained.

In endorsing the effort, Portmore's Mayor Leon Thomas said, "We at the council are aware of the need at five main entrances into Portmore communities. I am pleased we have seen this one starting and will be done in time for Labour Day."