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Steve Lyston | You were born for a purpose

Published:Monday | June 12, 2017 | 12:17 AM

God created us all with gifts, talents and solutions to change the world. It is critical for us to bring it forth. But in doing so, many are afraid to start small, when we are told not to forsake or despise small beginnings. Fulfilling God’s purpose is the only way we will experience real joy.

Oftentimes people confuse happiness and joy, but they are two different experiences. Happiness is momentary and external. We can be happy and still not experience joy. Joy is lasting and reaches a deeper place within us. It is an internal fruit and only the Holy Spirit can allow you to experience joy, because it comes as a result of being in God’s will.

Many may have billions and be happy about it, but still have no joy, because they are not fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

There are many today who feel that their career/chosen path is their purpose, but that is not so. For the most part, there are many whose career path has nothing to do with their purpose ­ the things that God has created you to do. Their purpose is not being fulfilled and that is why they are unhappy, lack joy and are struggling today. Many die never fulfilling what God created them to do, because oftentimes they were more interested in pursuing material gain.

There is a cure, vision, revelation or solution within your DNA to come forth to help mankind. Every person that has been born in this world was born for a purpose. They were born with specific instructions embedded within them. Each is unique, special and your life is valuable. You were born to make a difference.

Now is the opportune time to start that business

It is not your mind telling you to start that business, it is God pushing and encouraging you to bring out what He placed within you. Don’t allow fear, fear of failure, obstacles or the criticisms of others to hinder you from bringing out what God has put in you. Everything starts with a seed ­ you have to start from somewhere.

By principle, everything in life ­ much like a tree ­ starts with a seed. You plant it, cover it with the soil, you water it, watch it, fight even the elements for it and it begins to shoot up as a tender plant. You begin to believe in it. Recognise that in life, betrayal, disappointment and discouragement will come. 

At times, you may even feel so discouraged ­ as if you are not making a difference ­ and you may even think you should give up on that vision because it seems dead. Some people will even tell you that you missed it and you should try something else. But what you didn’t know is that the seed you planted was taking deep root in the ground. 

God was using your struggle to allow you to become stronger and wiser. God was using your challenges to develop you into a great tree. A great tree is about to come forth from the small seed. The seed/plant goes through infancy, youth, prime, senior, twilight ­ much like you and I. One day you are going to get up and see the change in effect ­ that the small seed brought major expansion.


There may be people at different stages ­ some at the infancy stage, youth or twilight ­ not in age, but in the process of fulfilling your purpose. So it is time to monitor the tree’s base, check for foundational problems, trim the tree and allow the tree to bear.

From great tests come great vision. Always remember that a tree goes through different stages, so don’t give up on your vision. Keep ploughing and fighting, you have to first believe in your vision before others can believe in your product.

A time is coming that the loan they refused to give you and the help that you asked for and didn’t get, are the best things to happen to you, because when you reap the success, then no one but God can get the glory for it.

A person is never too old to start fulfilling his/her purpose. What are the things that burden or hurt you? These are clues to help you identify your purpose and to stir you into action. When you are fulfilling your purpose, it’s more than just accomplishing a task ­ you are actually saving lives.

You are born for a purpose ­ so fulfil your purpose.